good god, I have been slacking on the updates. Ok lets see, I have been a pretty busy girl so i guess I can excuse that. There has been a fairly decent amount of school work keeping me busy. I have had to write a couple different scripts for commercials and I just finally finished printing these business cards for my graphic arts survey. Also I have to write a paper on "Brave New World" which I made the mistake of reading way back at the start of the semester. Oh well I might have to skim through it again in order to really be able to write the paper well. Can you believe this is my first paper of the semester! All of my other assignments have been projects and scripts and designs. Even though that stuff still keeps me really busy, I would rather be doing that then writing papers. Hmmmm...guess thats why I'm a graphic design major! I have also been reading A LOT for fun. I read Fight Club and this other book by the same author called Choke. They were both really great. The book Fight Club is so much better than the movie! If you can belive it the movie was actaully a happy litte Hollywood ending compared to what happens in the book. I recomed everone shold read it...I couldn't sleep for a night. Also Read A Painted House by John Grisham which was awsome.
What else is new? I was in davis this weekend parting with the boys, which as always was a good time. Except the party we ended up at was at the equestrian center on campus. It was really fun and I ended up having a great time...but where else other than davis would you end up at a party with horses?
4 days left until I go home for Thanksgiving break! I am so excited. I can wait to see everyone. Plus Thanksgiving is by far one of my most favorite holidays, I mean who dosn't love a holiday that is centered around eating...and usually around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. What more could you ask for. I think I am going to go back to Vicki's while I am home and see if they are going to need a little holiday help. Their huge sale is coming up, and they are always soooo busy. However the discount there tends to get a little dangerous. Oh well I am sure I can thing of at least 4 people on my christmas list who would be getting gifts in little pink and white boxes! OK thats all for now..off to lifetime fitness class...today we are doing abs! hopefully I will be able to move later....


ok update....Halloween was really fun, not as crazy as it has been in the past, but the town of Chico did it's best to ensure that no one had a good time. To bad, had a good time anyway, and I never even made it downtown!! At my neighbors house they were full of cowboys and the guys from Top Gun, what more could a girl want living next door. Despite the fact that I was a little cold and I got a few comments about not being very "angel-like" I was pleased with the way my costume turned out. Bad thing was I was hurting a little bit the next morning. Guess that come with the territory.... Not to mention I think I stayed in the same position in the family room for the span of 2 movies the next day. Clayton (who was visiting) left to see his cousin and then came back hours later and nobody had moved from when he had left. Needless to say I didn't do much that night. Next day we drove down to Davis to celebrate Adam's 21st which was a blast. However all the times spent in that house are fun...minus a few pictures I wish I could find and destroy...Oh well live and learn. All for now...stay dry Next ting to look forward to:Thanksgiving!!!


October 31st 11:30 A.M eastern standard time from here on in we shoot without a script, None of my old shit....Anyway today is Halloween and I am really excited for tonight. Not nearly as excited as I was last year, but last halloween is going to be hard to top. We didn't really get as much into planning the costumes as we did last year, but I still think we are gonna be cute...and angel and a devil...awwwww. Anyway this morning in the elevator this guy from my class looked at me and asked if this was my costume...I was wearing a beat up pair of jeans and Dan's Bucknell sweatshirt....um....yea...I told him I was dressed as a college student...and he said yea me too..alright buddy I am not that clever at 8 in the morning...I don't even think my eyes were really open yet. So anyway think happy thoughts for me tonight...i will report back tomorrow about how the first "cancelled" chico halloween was...until then....


Last night I was at Kinko's at about 11:30 PM to do a last minute copy of a project. I realized something...people who go to Kinko's late night are kinda weird. Here is the run down of the customers...First there were the two high school boys who as I walked in were busy throwing pens at the guy who was apparently trying to enlarge an already rather big picture of what I can only assume was one of them at a school dance. They we actually throwing things at this guy...and he was ignoring them!!!Why they needed to be there at 11:00 at night doing that I'm not really sure. Plus they just kept stealing the pens and and other random stuff...little punks! So anyway those guys were a little odd...then there was the guy off in the corner with a HUGE stack of paper and he was putting them in the copier one at a time. The guy behind the desk said he had been there for 2 hours already, doing the same thing. OK next was the lady who was coping pictures of cats...CATS. At 11:00 at night...why is that necessary?? Weird people...wonder if they though I was weird...I WAS wearing my fuzzy slippers...hmmmm
Alright enough on that rant...rented Love & Basketball this weekend. I have always avoided that movie for fear that it was going to be really cheesy. Recomendation for the day...go rent it...I loved it!!


Just got back from my lifetime fitness class. This class is such a cool concept, go to class work out and leave. Then get a grade for something I should be doing anyway, why can't there be more classes like that?
Next is Ethics of Human happiness...I class I don't enjoy so much. I have one of the guys who wrote the book as a professor. Those guys are always so smug, why is that? Just because he knows more about the meaning of life then the average person. Well he is in his fifties and still single...hmmm...I think I know more about the meaning of life then he does. He told us last class that marriage was like jail....Ethics of human happienss...weird.....


I need a job. I mean really need a job. Ok well maybe it's part want and part need, because part of it is I WANT to go shopping. It's not that I never try to get a job, I have decied about every 2 weeks that I need one and then when I make an attempt to find one I get shot down and discouraged. God forbid I am allowed an on-campus job, because that would be the perfect solution to the problem. A job that works around my classes, pays a decent amount, where I work with other students and probably have fun. Except those jobs are reserved for students on work study. So instead I have to compeate with 14,000 other college students and god knows how many high school students for the jobs that nobody really wants. I can't even get the jobs no one wants, how sad is that. Oh well....I think burger hut is looking for napkin refillers....maybe I am qualified for that....


This is my first post...how exciting. Too bad I don't really have anything to say today. I promise as time goes on I will have plenty of other exciting things to ramble on about. Or probably not, either way I hope that this little site helps to satisfy my urge to yell out random things in class or stop strangers on the street and ask them questions. Thats about it...wow sad little first posting...oh well more to come...until next time...