ok update....Halloween was really fun, not as crazy as it has been in the past, but the town of Chico did it's best to ensure that no one had a good time. To bad, had a good time anyway, and I never even made it downtown!! At my neighbors house they were full of cowboys and the guys from Top Gun, what more could a girl want living next door. Despite the fact that I was a little cold and I got a few comments about not being very "angel-like" I was pleased with the way my costume turned out. Bad thing was I was hurting a little bit the next morning. Guess that come with the territory.... Not to mention I think I stayed in the same position in the family room for the span of 2 movies the next day. Clayton (who was visiting) left to see his cousin and then came back hours later and nobody had moved from when he had left. Needless to say I didn't do much that night. Next day we drove down to Davis to celebrate Adam's 21st which was a blast. However all the times spent in that house are fun...minus a few pictures I wish I could find and destroy...Oh well live and learn. All for now...stay dry Next ting to look forward to:Thanksgiving!!!